Vacation with your own caravan

Vacationing with your own caravan isn’t just a way to spend the holidays. It’s a lifestyle. A passion. A dream. And the epitome of freedom, holiday and time off to enjoy life.

Some have grown up with vacations in their own caravans, and have driven back and forth across Denmark each time the opportunity has presented itself to get out with the caravan and enjoy camping in the open air. With such warm memories of childhood’s happy moments spent camping in Denmark, it doesn’t take much persuasion to continue camping in their own caravan after they’ve grown up and had children themselves. Because we all want to share and relive good memories.

For others, life as a camper with your own caravan is a dream come true. The dream of freedom, relaxation and time for fun with the family. And at the very start is a long list of first-time experiences: Your first caravan purchase. The first time the caravan is hitched to the back of the car and the first time you roll into a campsite. And there’s the first time that you, after a good night's sleep in the caravan, open the door to stunning nature, summer in Denmark and a sea of opportunities for new experiences.

A caravan with a fishing net in front
A girl is playing with soap bubbles in front of a caravan
 Couple enjoying a drink in the awning of the caravan
Experience the dream of freedom

Find your dream campsite

At all DK-CAMP’s campsites, you’ll find a pitch for your caravan. Regardless if you’re a new or a seasoned camper. If you want a long-term campsite or to visit several campsites during the same season. If you are looking for large sites with shelter and privacy. If you’re looking for camping life surrounded by activity and happy days. Or if you prefer beautiful views and relaxing surroundings – the possibilities are plentiful.

At DK-CAMP, we know that the dream vacation can have many variations, and that’s why we’re proud to be able to present more than 200 unique, diverse and independent campsites that together make it possible for you to find precisely your dream campsite.

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