Rent a mobile home

Mobile homes gives you a camping experience with comfort and a little more space to enjoy camping life.

Renting a mobile home provides the feeling of camping with the comforts of a large luxury cabin.

In a mobile home, there is enough space for you and your whole family. Mobile homes are often equipped with the same luxuries as you own house or a summer cottage, including a shower, kitchen, bathrooms and seperate bedrooms. summer cottage.
The only difference is that you can also enjoy all the experiences, activities and opportunities that comes with a vacation at a campsite.

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Kids infront of a mobile home
 children having fun on a playground at a campsite
knitting on camping holiday in front of a mobile home
Camping with comfort and space to enjoy life

Plan your vacation as you like

Does the kids like swimming pools and water? Do you want to spend some time together as a family by the playground with a cup of coffee while the kids jump on the bouncy castle? Do you want to meet new people and to be able to participate in various activities at the campsite? Are you looking for an active holiday with hiking, cycling or water sports? Or enjoy nature while walking with your dog?
The opportunities to explore, play, have fun and socialize at DK-CAMP's campsites are almost endless. That's the reason why Danish campsites are so popular.
You can choose between a broad range of accommodations at our camping sites which include +200 members across Denmark.

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