Vacation with your own tent

Vacationing in your own tent can be something entirely unique. You can experience getting close to nature while having access to the comforts the campsites provide.

When tenting at a campsite, you get the complete experience of being able to live right in nature with views of the night sky, the whistling wind against the tent canvas and the dew on the morning grass when you wake up to birdsong in the morning. And if the sun is shining, it doesn’t take many preparations to pack the tent and set out on your holiday.

Camping in a tent is, for many, associated with good childhood memories of long summer days filled with freedom and closeness with the family. Here, it’s the simple things that count, and there’s time to enjoy both nature and each other in a distinctively slow and calm manner compared to regular day-to-day life. So, if you’re dreaming of passing your vacation memories down to your own children, or want a vacation focused on closeness and relaxation with your partner or friends, camping in a tent is an ideal form of vacationing.

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Crank up or wind down your outdoor living as you like

At many campsites, you can either crank up or wind down your desire to experience outdoor life, just the way you like it. If you want to cook over the fire and brew coffee on the camp stove, you can enjoy the campsite’s firepit and light the camp stove whenever you want. But if you’d prefer to prepare food in a kitchen and store your supplies in a fridge, this is also possible at the campsite’s shared kitchen. Naturally, you can also use the campsite’s shower and toilet facilities, as well as make use of the other opportunities for play, enjoyment and entertainment at the campsite.

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