Cycling holiday in Denmark

Denmark is considered by many to be the very best country for cycling. So it makes sense to head for Denmark if you and your family want to have an active cycling holiday or even just include a few bike rides in your camping holiday.

Here are 10 good reasons to go cycling in Denmark:

  • In Denmark we have 11.000 km of signposted cycle paths, running through the most beautiful countryside in the land.
  • Throughout Denmark you will find cycle paths that run alongside the busier roads. For instance, you can ride from Vejle in South Jutland all the way to Nyborg on the island of Funen, on a secure cycle path – that's a distance of over 100 km. Denmark boasts many such routes.
  • The great number of cycle paths that are separated from cars make it especially safe to take the children with you on your cycling tour. Children love cycling and many children would actually rather be on a bike than in a car – they just need to be given the chance.
  • Denmark is a country devoid of high hills (the highest point is about 170 m above sea level). That means everyone can join in with the cycling, and the length of your tour can always be adapted to your physical ability.
  • Although Denmark is a flat country, and thereby perfectly suited for cycling everywhere, it is important to choose an area that matches the family's capabilities. Wind and weather can be a challenge in Denmark. That is why flat West Jutland can be much more demanding than the softly rolling hills of Funen. So choose wisely when picking the region for your holiday.
 Couple planning a bike ride in Denmark. Looking at maps
Family on a bike ride on Fanø in Denmark
 bicycle helmet on handlebars in front of caravan
Discover Denmark by bike
  • Denmark is a small country – which means the distance between towns is short too. That makes it easy to buy your lunch from a kiosk or small shop along your way and still have an varied ride, enjoying both the beautiful countryside and the joys of the city.
  • Many Danes use their bikes daily as their preferred method of transportation, to and from work for example. This is why there are so many bike repair shops in Denmark, allowing you to have your bike fixed easily, should anything go wrong during your holiday.
  • In Denmark, bikes can travel with you by train, allowing you to move on to a new region quickly if your legs get tired or you just want a change of scenery.
  • If you don't want to bring your own bikes, there are many places where you can rent one in Denmark. This allows you to combine different types of holiday during your stay here.
  •   When you plan your cycling holiday to Denmark, we suggest spending the night at one or more of DK-CAMP's campsites – there are +200 to choose from, located throughout the country, and rarely more than 25 km apart. Many of the campsites also have bikes for hire.
Have a wonderful cycling trip through Denmark!

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