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Vacationing in a camping cabin gives you time and space for enjoyment and closeness with the family. Here, both young and old can enjoy the outdoors and its many activities that await just outside the door.

Do you dream of a holiday with space for the children to run about and find new playmates, while you enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet on the terrace? Of a holiday, where beautiful Danish nature, big experiences and a selection of activities are all within range – and where you can sleep well at night?

Vacationing in a camping cabin is in many ways the epitome of the Danish holiday. Here, you get everything in one: Here, you get the feeling of a summer cottage holiday and camping holiday at the same time. Here, outdoor life and homely comfort go hand in hand. Here, you can pull back and enjoy the tranquillity with the family, and at the same time enjoy the many activities and facilities of the campsite. Here, you can partake in the experiences of the area and relax afterwards with a grill and evening fun on the terrace. In short, a camping cabin is everything both the young and the young at heart can desire.

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Whether you’re looking for a cabin for a mini-holiday or a longer one, there’s a broad range of camping cabins to choose between. The standard of the cabins varies from the modest cabin with just the most essential equipment, to a luxury camping cabin that is just as comfortable as a luxury summer house.

With this large selection, it’s easy for you to choose precisely the type of cabin that suits your needs and your dreams on a cabin vacation at a campsite. And to provide the best possible information about the standards of the cabins, they are divided into different categories. The huts differ in design and location from campsite to campsite.

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