Beach holiday at Danish campsites

There’s just something about water that entices. With water and swimming opportunities right nearby, the vacation will certainly be a hit. We’ve collected inspiration for the possibilities of enjoying a combined camping and beach holiday, so you can let your inner waterhound loose when you’re camping in Denmark.

A cold morning dip as a fresh start to the day. Playing and splashing in the water that brings out the child in both young and old. The peace that sinks in when you take a swim in the evening sun. Or the feeling of total relaxation when you lower your body down into the warm water. Water is supreme. And for many, it’s not a real vacation if it’s not possible to add a splash of water to the holiday.

Many of DK-CAMP’s campsites offer plenty of opportunities for combining camping with a trip to the pool, the hot tub or the waterpark. And then there are also all the campsites that are right next to the water, so you can take a dip in the blue waters whenever you like.

Father and son having fun by the pool
water slide at a campsite
Let's add a splash of fun

Entertainment for the young and the young at heart

With a pool at the campsite, entertainment and many hours of fun and play are guaranteed. Many of DK-CAMP’s campsites have either indoors or outdoors pools, waterparks or indoors or outdoors children’s pools at the campsite that you can use as a guest. And regardless if you’re personally drawn to the water and playing in the pool, it’s a pleasure to watch the kids go wild in the water.

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Nature’s own bath

And when speaking of water and beach vacations, naturally we mustn’t forget nature’s own bath. A dip at a swimming beach by the sea or fjord or a swim in one of Denmark’s large swimming lakes can be something very special and is for many associated with summer and freedom. Here, you can find time to go for long swims or short dips interrupted with ice cream breaks, play and relaxation in the sand. Many of DK-CAMP’s campsites are located in the midst of natural beauty, either with direct access to the water or with the ocean, fjord or lake nearby.

So, if you’re looking for saltwater and sand between the toes, if you’re looking for fun and play in the pool with the children, or if you prefer the relaxation and peace of spa and wellness, it’s up to you. And fortunately, there’s plenty of beautiful campsites to choose between. So, release your dreams and find the campsite that sets the stage of your next beach vacation in Denmark.

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Relaxation and wellness

Are you looking for a vacation where you can completely unwind and enjoy a relaxing spa, then there’s also opportunities for this. Enjoy a mini-holiday for two with time for relaxing in a spa, take some hours for yourself in the tub once the kids are tucked in or take your friends or girlfriends on a vacation and enjoy life together.

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