Rent a villa tent or tent

You don’t need to own a tent to get close to nature and go camping. You can rent a tent that’s set up for you when you arrive.

For many, camping in a tent is something special. Something we remember from childhood summers, where the entire family had plenty of time, where the sky and freedom felt endless, and where one could fall asleep to the sound of happy adult voices mixed with the whispers and flashlights of the neighbouring tents in the campsite.

When we become adults, we can long to relive the same freedom and not least to share the experience with our own children. Because camping in a tent is something completely special. It’s the dream of the simple life. Of getting close to nature and close to one another.

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Family on tent vacation in Denmark
Family tent for rent

Photo: Dragstrup Camping

Time to notice the grass grow
Tents for rent on campsites in Danmark

Photo: Dragstrup Camping

Camping the simple way

If you want to make it easy to live out the dream of a tent vacation, it’s possible to rent a tent that is set up for you when you arrive at the campsite. No messing around with tent poles. No giant tent sack that can steal the breath from even the most optimistic adventurer. And no “oops!” in terms of having forgotten a sleeping pad or a plate. Because most of the tents for rent come completely equipped with good and comfortable beds, chairs and tables as well as cooking equipment.

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A couple enjoying the sun in front of their glamping tent

Have you tried Glamping?

Glamping is well equipped luxury tents, with warm beds and soft pillows, that have been set up in beautiful nature areas of a camping site.