Discover the freedom, quality time and adventure that comes with vanlife in Denmark. Your vanlife adventure in Denmark starts here!

Once you have set up your campervan and created your dream home on wheels, it's time to start your next big adventure. Denmark's breathtaking nature and +200 wonderful campsites are ready to welcome you!

Look forward to discovering all the hidden gems of Denmark's nature -  the unknown beaches, hills, and cozy villages. Every single day on your vanlife trip is a new opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you plan on living vanlife full-time or just want to enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet, you can plan your next camper-stay fast and easily. So pack your backs and get ready to venture into all the unique, unseen corners of beautiful Denmark. 

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Vanlife at Blushøj

Photo: Blushøj Camping

Vanlife at Blushøj 2

Photo: Blushøj Camping

Vanlife coziness

Photo: Thorsminde Camping

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Make your camper dreams come true at one of the DK-CAMP campsites

The +200 DK-CAMP campsites are located all around Denmark - once your journey begins, there will always be a place nearby for you to call home, even for just a while.

At the sites you’ll find great facilities, nature rich surroundings, and you’ll without a doubt be welcomed to the sites with open arms.

And should you ever need anything, a helping hand will never be far away when visiting a DK-CAMP campsite.

Get ready to experience the ultimate freedom that comes with a home on four wheels.

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Vanlife and fun activities - the perfect match.

Looking for challenging hiking trails, idyllic canoe trips or beautiful biking routes on your next vanlife journey? Explore a wide variety of unique activities at the DK-CAMP campsites. Use the different filters when planning your next stay to find the ideal campsite with all your dream activities.

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