Unique and diverse accommodations

Embark on a vacation beyond the ordinary and indulge in stays you'd otherwise only dream of.

Spend the night in a beautiful Fjord bubble, get up and close to the water with a stay on a houseboat, or experience the luxury shelters. 

Camping is many things, and there is a wide range of unique and different accommodations available at the DK-CAMP campsites - from comfortable and exotic to the more primitive stays, where you really get close to nature in Denmark. 

Explore the list below and find your favorite vacation style that's a bit out of the ordinary.

Luxury shelters - Pig-Me

A stay in a shelter doesn't have to be primitive - enjoy one of the luxury shelters with top-notch comfort! Here you will be sleeping on thick spring mattresses, with both electricity and light in the shelter. At night you can close the door to keep out the cold and enjoy the privacy. You can find luxury shelters at Randers City Camping and Nivå Camping

Shelter vacation in denmark

Photo: Skovly Camping

Rent a shelter

Get up and close to nature and get a beautiful view of the stars. At many campsites you can rent a stay in a shelter with access to all of the campsites facilities. 

Staying in a shelter at a campsite is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and a fuss-free vacation, but who still want to enjoy a nice, warm shower in the morning, cooking in a well-equipped kitchen, and savor a delicious cup of coffee when the rain is pouring down outside.


Glamping is for those who dream of a diverse vacation in a unique accommodation. Here you won’t get an anonymous hotel room or a standard tent as the ones from your childhood tent trips - instead you get a mix of the best of many worlds. 

There are various types of glamping tents - from beautifully decorated Bedouin tents to tipis. One thing they all have in common is the wonderful mix of outdoor living and luxury. Get ready to enjoy a getaway in amazing surroundings and the best company.