Holiday inspiration

Camping in Denmark is many things. Find inspiration for your next camping holiday in Denmark.

With more than 200 different campsites across the whole country, it is always possible to find just the campsite that meets your holiday dreams.

But let's start with your dreams. For many, vacation is about taking time to pull the plug from everyday life and doing something different than usual. Relax. Enjoy life. Enjoy each other. Or taking time for the things that really matter. But there are different ways to relax. What we picture ourselves enjoying life. And what really matters to you, and just you.

Summer holiday in lovely Denmark

Denmark has a lot to offer - beautiful countryside, magnificent scenery and exciting cities - and no matter which part of the country you would like to visit - Jutland, Funen, Zealand or Bornholm - there are many wonderful camp sites to choose from.

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Wellness when camping

When staying at a campsite, you can find exactly your definition of wellness, and beyond that, you have a unique opportunity to come right up close to the beautiful Danish nature that surrounds many of DK-CAMP’s campsites.

Find your own comfort


Pack the campervan and enjoy a couple of days of freedom and fun with enough time to relax and talk – be it big talks or small talk. Time to spend some time together and experience Denmark together.

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You can rent if you don’t own

There are plenty of opportunities for taking a camping holiday – even if you do not own a caravan, a tent or a campervan. At DK-CAMP’s campsites, you can rent everything from tents with fixed bases, to fully equipped caravans, to smaller holiday homes and cabins with all facilities.

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What’s your type of campsite?

What's your type of summer holiday?

Are you the active holiday type, looking for physical exercise? Are you looking for pure relaxation and luxury? Or do you prefer to put everyday indolence aside and come down to earth with grass under your feet and birdsong as an alarm clock?

Are you a green camper or a seasoned one? Own or rent? Caravan, cabin or tent?

There are many questions and possibilities as well. But to make it easier for you, we have compiled some suggestions on how you could go camping in Denmark and find exactly the kind of vacation you need, filling your needs and requirements.

Pull the plug and take a break

For everyone can sometimes feel the need to escape from everyday life and take a break. Just a few days.

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