Rent a shelter

Get close to nature with a view of the stars. At many campsites, you can rent an overnight in a shelter and gain access to the campsite’s facilities at the same time.

If you want it really simple, a shelter is the closest you’ll get to nature without sleeping directly on the ground under the open sky. Here you’re sheltered from wind and weather, but at the same time can enjoy the unobstructed view of nature and the surroundings.

Overnighting in a shelter at a campsite is ideal for those who want a simple holiday without the frills – but who still want to be able to enjoy a warm bath in the morning, to cook food in a kitchen if the rain is pouring down, and to enjoy a delicious, well-brewed coffee.

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A shelter with a view
Luxury shelter
Make it easy to enjoy life

Convenient accommodations for those on the move

Overnighting in a shelter at a campsite is also ideal for those who are vacationing on the move and want to be able to pass through the landscape by cycle, canoe or on foot and prefer to minimise their packing and not need to bring a tent. At the same time, when you overnight at a campsite you can wash off the day’s dust before crawling into the sleeping bag, and enjoy breakfast prepared in the campsite’s shared kitchen.

At DK-CAMP’s campsites, you can find different types of shelters. Anything from the classics made of wood with a view of the sky, to insulated shelters where you can close the door and get some privacy when darkness falls.

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