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Immerse yourself in nature while gazing at the stars. Many campsites offer the option to rent a shelter for an overnight stay, providing access to the campsite's facilities.

Opting for a shelter is the closest you can get to sleeping directly under the open sky, while being protected from the elements. This allows you the opportunity to fully enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and some fresh air, without any obstructions, protected from wind and weather.

Choosing to stay overnight in a shelter at a campsite is perfect for those craving a no-frills holiday experience while still enjoying the convenience of warm baths, the ability to cook in a kitchen during any weather conditions, and enjoying a delicious freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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A shelter by the forrest

Photo: Skovly Camping

Luxury shelter

Photo: Randers City Camping

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Staying overnight in a shelter at a campsite is also perfect for vacationers who prefer to explore the landscape by bike, canoe, or on foot and want to minimize their packing by not bringing a tent. Additionally, when you spend the night at a campsite, you have the opportunity to wash off the day's dust before settling into your sleeping bag and enjoy a breakfast prepared in the campsite's shared kitchen.

At DK-CAMP's campsites, you can find various types of shelters, ranging from classic wooden structures with a view of the sky to insulated shelters that provide privacy when darkness falls by simply closing the door.

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