Gl. Ålbo

Opening hours: 01.03.2023 - 31.10.2023

Welcome to Gl. Ålbo, one of Mother Nature’s jewels. It is located on the Little Belt, a parade for anglers, divers, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Harbor porpoises roam the Little Belt, splendid sea trout chase their prey, numerous water birds populate the region .Be in vacation homes, deluxe cabins, guest rooms, rental boats or your own mobile home, we can offer you an individual and personalized service.
Gl. Ålbo - THE camping site on the Little Belt - not for water sports activities only like diving, fishing, fly fishing, boat angling, kayaking - theres way more than that!

You can just as well hike, ride your bicycle, allow your children to play and frolic, or just plain relax and enjoy your vacation in a beautiful, varied and natural setting.

Selected facilities

  • Comfort cabin
  • 0 - 150 units
  • Small Campsites
  • Fish cleaning area and freezer
  • Walking and running routes
  • Biking routes
  • Playground
  • Emptying of toilet
  • Common room
  • Emptying of toilet