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You don’t need to own a caravan to go camping in Denmark. Rent your way to your camping dream on Denmarks largest bookingportal for camping!

Are you longing for a caravan adventure in Denmark, hoping to relive those cherished childhood camping memories? Perhaps your kids are eagerly asking for a camping trip, yearning for fun on bouncing castles and playgrounds at the campsite. Well, wait no longer! You can turn your caravan dream into reality at one of DK-CAMP's many campsites. The best part is, you don't need to own a caravan to experience camping in Denmark - you can simply rent one.

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At many of DK-CAMP’s campsites, you can rent a caravan with all the equipment needed so you and your family can enjoy a fantastic camping vacation in Denmark. At the same time, you can find exactly the type of campsite that lives up to you and your family’s expectations for holiday in a caravan.
Do you want to go camping with the possibility of swimming in a pool while the kids have a blast on the playground? Or are you looking for more relaxed surroundings with beautiful nature?

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