DK-Stellplätze - an obvious choice for campervans

Enjoy Denmark and enjoy each other

The best conversations often arise while looking at the passing landscapes through the campervan’s windows, when everything is quiet in anticipation of the experiences that lies ahead.
Pack your campervan and set off for an adventure with family or friends and enjoy some time off to relax and bond. 

At DK-CAMP you can find a wide range of Stellplätze with easy check-in and check-out with safe and orderly conditions.

DK-Stellplätze are for all campervans who are looking for secure, flexible and affordable vacation. Of course, it’s up to you how long you stay for.

DK-Stellplätze are situated at some of Denmark’s best campsite locations. Here at DK-Stellplätze, we make sure you and your family have an enjoyable stay, by providing all the facilities you need. They are usually specially designated sites, where you will mostly be surrounded by other guests with campervans.

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Map showing all DK-Stellplätze in Denmark
Campervan on a campsite in Denmark
Enjoy a secure and flexible solution
Facilities for motorhomes on campsites

Flexible accommodation

Whether it's just a few days away from your everyday life, or if you're going on a longer road trip through Denmark, the possibilities are endless. At the DK-Camp campsites offering DK-Stellplätze,
you can find a secure and flexible accommodation with access to the facilities that make your holiday pleasant, while allowing you to spend the night in some of Denmark's most beautiful natural surroundings.

Take advantage of your stay at the various campsites to relax and enjoy the time together just the two of you. Or to discover nature and nearby towns and attractions. Or to try out the opportunities for active holidays offered by many campsites.

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DK-Stellplätze in brief

  • Typically, speciallyequipped sites for campervans
  • Flexible check-in and check-out
  • Safe and orderly conditions

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