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Enjoy Denmark and enjoy each other

The most authentic conversations often arise as we gaze through the campervan's windows looking at the passing landscapes, when there is a peaceful silence in anticipation of the experiences that await us. Prepare your campervan and embark on an adventure with your loved ones, taking some time to relax and strengthen your bonds.

At DK-CAMP, you'll discover an extensive selection of Stellplätze offering hassle-free check-in and check-out procedures, ensuring safe and well-organized conditions.

DK-Stellplätze are for all campervans who are looking for secure, flexible and budget-friendly vacation. Of course, it’s up to you how long you choose to stay for.

DK-Stellplätze are situated at some of the best campsite locations in Denmark. At DK-Stellplätze, our priority is to ensure you and your family have a delightful stay by providing all the necessary facilities you need. These sites are typically designated spots, where you will find yourself surrounded by fellow campervan guests.

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Flexible accommodation

Whether you are planning a short escape from daily life or embarking on a longer road trip through Denmark, the options are limitless. At the DK-Camp campsites that offer DK-Stellplätze, you can secure flexible accommodation with access to amenities that enhance your holiday experience, all while allowing you to spend the night in some of Denmark's most stunning natural settings.

During your stay at the various campsites, make the most of your time by relaxing and enjoying quality time together as a couple. Alternatively, explore the surrounding nature, nearby towns, and attractions. You can also take advantage of the exciting opportunities for active holidays offered by many campsites.

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DK-Stellplätze in brief

  • Typically, specially designed sites for campervans
  • Flexible check-in and check-out options
  • Safe and well-organized conditions 

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