Små Pladser Campsites

Små Pladser/Small sites – meet your hosts

The small campsites are often run by a single family, so they are greatly influenced by that family's own personality and tastes. It is usually the owners themselves who greet the guests on arrival – and wish you a pleasant journey when you leave again.

Small sites are all very different in organisation as a result of the different activities on offer at each camp site. But one thing they all have in common is their location in or near the stunningly beautiful Danish countryside.

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Små Pladser Campsites

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Små pladser - Safety and relaxation for children and adults alike

Små Pladser offers the peace and tranquillity that so many adults yearn for. But Små Pladser also offers the sort of closeness and layout that provides a safe environment, particularly for small children. As a result, both children and adults can relax – and you have time to yourself as well as for each other.