Trekking holiday in Denmark

In Denmark, there are many opportunities for going on a trekking holiday or for experiencing the beautiful nature along shorter trekking tours. We’ve gathered inspiration for how you can combine your camping holiday with trekking.

Motion. Where moving from one place to another forms the entire basis of taking a vacation. And at its core, this is enough. There’s nothing saying how far or in what manner we should move for it to be called a vacation. Because the vacation begins in the moment you step beyond your door and set out against the goal you have set for yourself. And as is often the case, the experiences waiting right around the corner can be just as big as those on the other side of the country.

And something happens when we move. Our senses are more open to the world around us, but also to the people who we move together with. And if we choose to leave the car or cycle behind, we decrease our tempo to the point that we have time to notice the small details as we wander, which we otherwise pay no mind.

Whether you are dreaming of strapping a backpack and tent on your back from home and passing through the country with several stops along the way, or if you want to experience a particular area through daytrips from the campsite where you’re vacationing, Denmark is full of exciting, challenging and beautiful hiking routes.

Anything from the long iconic hiking trails through the country, to the regional and local hiking routes and small trails.


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Photo: Jacob Lisbygd

Take in Denmark by foot

Find the hiking routes here

Below you can find some good options for finding and planning your hiking holiday or trek in a particular area.

National hiking routes

In Denmark, we have several longer connected hiking routes that bring you across the country and its diverse regions. Some of the most iconic hiking routes are:

• Hærvejen
• Gendarmstien
• Øhavsstien
• Sjællandsleden
• Bornholm Coastal Path
See more national hiking routes

Tracks in the landscape

Tracks in the Landscape (“Spor I Landskabet”) is a project where private landowners across the country have marked the hiking trails on their lands. Thus, they give all who are interested an opportunity to experience sides of Danish nature that are otherwise inaccessible to the public.

Other hiking routes

At, you can find and search for hiking routes that suit your wishes in terms of geographic location, length and more.

At, you can find precise descriptions of hiking routes both nationally, regionally and locally.

Find campsites with good hiking routes in the area

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Bring your own tent on a trekking holiday

If you’re dreaming of going on a hiking vacation through part of the country with overnighting along the way, you can easily find good accommodation options at DK-CAMP’s campsites, and the opportunities are many.

It’s possible to pitch your own tent in scenic surroundings in all DK-CAMP’s campsites, and to enjoy the facilities that the campsite has to offer.


Find unique accommodations on the road

If you want to skip carrying a tent on your back as you walk, it’s also possible to rent a broad range of unique overnight options – and here you can find comfort and style just as you like it. Are you dreaming of getting right up close to nature, with birdsong and morning dew, then you can choose to rent an overnight in a shelter – and at the same time use the campsite’s toilets, showers and kitchen facilities.

But if you would rather rest your back in a good bed and enjoy a little comfort, there are many accommodation options to choose such as a luxury tent, a glamping tent or a cabin / holiday home.

In short – you can piece your vacation together so that it becomes exactly as you like.