A more sustainable holiday

Enjoy your vacation with good conscience. Get tips to how you can have a more sustainable vacation when going camping in Denmark.

Everyday routines make it easy to incorporate good sustainable habits. But what do you do, when the holiday is just around the corner and the kids want to go travel, but you don’t want to let go of sustainable lifestyle? The answer is simple. With a camping vacation in Denmark, it is easy to maintain the sustainable habits of the everyday while still being able to enjoy your time off.

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A more sustainable holiday

10 tips for a sustainable camping holiday

1. Transport to the destination.

Denmark is full of beautiful diverse nature, city life and culture. All of which can be seen when travelling by train. If you choose to backpack, tent, or rent your accommodation in Denmark, then leave your car at home and skip all the holiday traffic. Lean back and enjoy the scenery while travelling through Denmark.

2. Leave your car and move easily

When you arrive at the camping site and park your car/RV, then let it be there. If you want to see the local area, go for a walk, rent a bicycle or canoe, and save the environment for more unnecessary pollution. You will get more exercise and help the world! Denmark also has a big network of public transportation, so you can always catch a bus, metro, or ferry. If the destination is far away, plan for a pitstop along the route and catch a breath of fresh air while enjoying the beautiful nature.

3. Rent or borrow?

You don’t need either tent or caravan to go camping. So, before you choose to invest large amounts of money in that kind of equipment, see if it is possible to borrow or rent it instead. We all have a friend or neighbor who fancies camping, maybe he or she will let you borrow it for a week or two? You can also rent cabins, vacation homes, tents, and other thing on most camping sites, so you need to bring less equipment than you might think.

4. Explore the local cuisine and support local farms and businesses.

In Denmark, you will find lots of small and local businesses that produce organic food and has a selection of special treats depending on the season. Make it a part of your experience to try something local and new and use it in your own cooking.

5. Keep the electrical bill to a minimum

Obviously, tenting doesn’t require a lot of power. But if you live in a cabin or caravan, it is very easy to keep your power usage to a minimum. You can use the fridges found in the common kitchens instead of using the one in you caravan. Use real candles or solar powered flashlights. Play boardgames or bring a football instead of using a tablet device for entertainment.

6. Save water

There are lots of ways you can save water. Most camping sites in Denmark are right next to a beach, so instead of taking a shower, go enjoy a fresh morning swim in the sea or in the pool. Most camping sites also charge money per minute that you shower, so try and keep your showers as short as possible, it will save you money!

7. Bring your own bottles.

It is always nice to have a bottle of water with you, wherever you go. By using the same bottle for water, if you can refill it, you will save money and save the environment for more plastic.

8. Pack light and save on laundry

Its always tempting to pack extra – just in case. What if you spill wine on your jeans the first day? And the second? And the third? – But let’s be real. How often does that happen? Pack a few sets of clothes and wash them when necessary. You can bring your own detergent from home.

9. Enjoy the nature in all sorts of ways

Go on an adventure. See the sun rise. Plunge yourself into the ocean. Experience how the wonders of nature can be just as astounding as the ones we pay to see. And if you are the type of person who always needs to visit the giftshop to buy a souvenir – nature offers lots of free souvenirs. The beach and forest can be full of treasure you can bring home such as amber, shells, fossilized rocks, or plants.

10. Eat the nature

Explore the nature and discover all its edibles. Berries, spices, mushrooms, and so forth (Remember to check for poisonous edibles).
Light a fire and see how the calm surroundings gives a feeling of relaxation, and experience the concept called “From earth to table”. Nature is one big diner waiting for you to eat it. 
You can find a the rules for the use of open fire here.

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