Rent a mobile home

Many Danes love vacationing in them. These popular mobile homes give you a camping experience with comfort and a little more space to enjoy camping life.

Camping in Denmark is many things. And while some prefer the simple life, there are others who want good comfort and a little feeling of luxury on their holiday.

Camping in a mobile home unites the cosiness of the caravan with the comfort and spaciousness of a large luxury cabin. In a mobile home, there’s space to be able to have a fantastic vacation with space for the whole family. Here, you’ll find all the comforts you’re familiar with from home, all within reach. Here, you have your own toilet, shower and kitchen with equipment to enjoy cooking while you light up the grill. All in all, something reminiscent of a small summer cottage. The only difference is that you can also add all the experiences, activities and opportunities that come with vacationing at a campsite.

Kids infront of a mobile home
A couple enjoying a glass of wine on a camping holiday in a mobile home
 children having fun on a playground at a campsite
Camping with comfort and space to enjoy life

Set up your vacation as you like

Do the kids like swimming pools and water? Do you want to enjoy yourself with the family at a playground and jump around on a jumping pillow? Do you want to be able to participate in various activities at the campsite? Are you looking for an active holiday with water sports or good cycle routes? The opportunities to experience, play, have fun and enjoy are endless at Danish campsites. And it’s precisely because Danish campsites are so many different things that we’re not only proud that you can choose between a broad range of types of overnighting at our over 200 member campsites across Denmark; but also that you can find exactly the campsite that lives up to your dream vacation.

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