Winter camping in Denmark

Every season of the year is charming in its own way. Wrap yourself in warm clothes and experience Denmark. Feel the cold breeze blowing on your skin and get comfortable afterwards by snuggling inside of a heated cabin or caravan.

The number of stays at campsites, during the winter months, are increasing and many campers are excited to camp during all 4 seasons.

Using your caravan during the winter season has become a joyful trend for many campers. It is especially great for the younger members of the family to go camping during the winter season. They will have lots of fun experiences while spending time in company with mom, dad, grandparents and other kids from the campsite.

A lot of the Danish campsites have invested in new and modern facilities which makes them more suitable for usage all year round. The campsites have invested in environmental energy sources such as solar power and geothermal heat, making it more economically sustainable to be open during the winter.

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Photo: Tornby Strand Camping

Winter camping with your own caravan or camper van

At some campsites, you don't need a reservation. Unexpected guests are always welcome. However, other campsites require a reservation before your arrival.

During the winter season, sites might shut down some of their common facilities, so that the number of accessible common facilities fit the number of users.

You can always contact the campsites in advance to ask about this and anything else in relation to your stay.

Do you want a full experience of the Danish winter?

Then find and book your next vacation directly here at DK-CAMP. We will give you an index of which campsites are open during the winter. Use the filters in our search engine to find the campsite that best suits your next winter holiday.

Find campsites that are opened during the winter season

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Cabin holiday in the Danish winter

Go on a cabin holiday in the Danish winter. Experience the beautiful nature and get comfortable in a warm cabin. See the options and book your rental cabin with DK-CAMPs booking portal.

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