Vejen Sportel

Opening hours: 01.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

At Vejen Sportel we have room for campers as well at our campsite located just beside the sportscenter, and sport facilities all around. Book a spot at the campsite, and you are welcome to bring your camper or tent – or both, alternatively a autocamper or motorhome. The campsite is in a wooden area, with 6 spots to set up your camper or tent. You are able to connect power at the spot.

It’s located next to our Cabin City and Danhostel Sport Vejen, which you are able to use the toilet, bath and kitchen facilities. The sportscenter is in sight, and you are able to use the washing machine and dryer in the center (against payment) as well. At the area is free wifi, and free parking at the parking lot in front of the center, in case you can’t find the room for the car at the campsite. But there is plenty of space for you, your friends and family to move around.

Selected facilities

  • Fitness facilities
  • Wellness facilities
  • Indoor waterpark
  • Family shower room
  • Electric car charging point
  • Padel court
  • Bikes/mountain bikes
  • Biking routes
  • Golf
  • Mountain bike tracks

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