Wellness when camping

Book a stay at a campsite with space for peace and pampering for body and soul

For some, wellness is equated with relaxation, peace and time spent in nature. For others, wellness is associated with luxury and long bubble baths. And for others still, wellness means time for physical activity, feeling their pulse and filling their lungs with oxygen. The definitions are many and personal, but what unites them is that wellness is about doing something good for oneself. To pull the plug for a moment and find peace. And to give oneself time to appreciate the little things that matter.

When staying at a campsite, you can find exactly your definition of wellness, and beyond that, you have a unique opportunity to come right up close to the beautiful Danish nature that surrounds many of DK-CAMP’s campsites. Whether you want to take a morning dip in blue waters, if you’re simply looking for a quiet canoe trip surrounded with stillness and lapping waves, or if you’re longing to let your body relax in a heated pool, the possibilities are many.


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Breathe in and enjoy life
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Peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings

At our Small campsites, you’ll find peace surrounded by beautiful nature. Here, there’s a focus on enjoyment, closeness and intimacy. Here, you can enjoy a stay with calm surroundings that can get you to completely unwind, and it’s easy to explore the surrounding nature before you can go about making a delicious dinner for two in peace and quiet or exploring one of the local restaurants.

a couple on a canoe trip in Denmark

Get your pulse going to help bring it right down

If you’re among those who prefer an active vacation in order to unwind, then you’ll also find a wide range of campsites that besides walking and cycle tours in the nearby surroundings also offer other activities like canoe or kayak tours or mountain biking.


Down to earth or luxurious comfort?

If you would rather really get grounded, you can put up a tent and enjoy the feeling of wet grass under your feet and the sound of birdsong through the tent canvas. But if you want to combine your camping stay with comfort, it’s of course also possible to come in your own caravan or to rent a cabin or vacation home.