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Spend your holiday in good, green conscience. Get tips on how to spend a sustainable holiday while camping in Denmark.

It is quite easy to include good sustainable habits in your daily routine. But what should we do when the holiday is upon us, the children want to travel, the desire for experiences and the urge to do something special comes up? The answer is simple. During a camping trip to Denmark, it is easy to maintain your daily eco-friendly habits while you let the wonderful feeling of holiday sink in.

Not only is there a point in choosing Denmark as a destination and avoiding long flights. But camping in Denmark as an eco-friendly holiday choice makes sense on many levels. We have gathered 10 tips on how you can spend a holiday in Denmark with a clear green conscience.

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10 tips for a sustainable camping holiday

1. Transportation to the destination

Denmark is full of beautiful countryside, great contrasts and endless opportunities to experience nature, culture and urban life. Just by saving the many kilometers of air travel around the world, you are already well on the way to a greener and more environmentally friendly holiday.

2. Leave the car be and try to go slow

Once arrived at your destination and the car parked at the campsite, you can avoid any further CO2 emissions by experiencing the surroundings on foot, by bike, by canoe or by choosing public transportation. Let your journey to the next attraction become an experience in itself. And give yourself and your family time to enjoy the freedom of being able to have small stops along the way and spot the beautiful sights and small roadside stalls.

3. Rent or borrow

You don’t need to own a caravan or a tent to go camping. So before you go and invest in heavy equipment, investigate the many opportunities to rent chalets, holiday homes, tents, etc. at the various campsites. In addition, you can always use your network to borrow sleeping mats, and anything else you want to take along for the trip. But you actually need much less equipment than you would think.

4. Explore the local area and eat local

Almost everywhere in Denmark, small local businesses, farms, etc., provide a large and delicious selection of local and often organic food products. Make it a part of the experience to lean about the local specialties, and use them in your cooking.

5. Save energy

It goes without saying that camping in a tent does not require large amounts of electricity. But even in a cabin or caravan you can easily cut down on power consumption and try not to spend more than necessary. Use the campsite shared kitchen's fridge instead of connecting your own up to the grid. Use candles and solar-powered lamps and lights. And leave the screens at home.

6. Short baths

Save water when you take a shower. Many campsites are located by the water, so if it doesn't scare you, you can take a cool morning dip in the sea. And it goes without saying that with shared bathrooms and tokens for the shower, it’s not the ideal place for a loooong bath.

7. Bring your own water bottles instead of buying

When you're travelling, it's always nice to have a water bottle to quench your thirst. Take reusable water bottles and a refillable container from home, so you don’t have to buy a bottle whenever you need to drink or to wash your hands.

8. Pack light and save on laundry

It is always tempting to pack too much. Just imagine if you spill something on the first, then on the second and on the third pair of trousers - it is good to have two in reserve. But honestly - you don't stain your clothes that often! Pack light but good and avoid mountains of laundry when you get back home.

9. Enjoy nature in every possible way

Go out and explore. Watch the sun rise. Throw yourself into the waves. Find out how nature's wonders can be as great an experience as many paying attractions. And if you are one of those who have an urge to buy a souvenir every time you experience something - the beautiful stones and other treasures from the forest and the beach can also can bring good holiday memories back home.

10. Eat nature

Explore nature for edible plants (remember to check that they are actually edible!). Start a campfire and enjoy the feeling of peace and the sense of time needed to follow the process from soil to table.

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