Denmark has it all!

The sea, lovely beaches, a beautiful nature and cosy towns

Most people know that Denmark is a small country with only 5 mill. citizens. One could imagine that Denmark is the same no matter in which region you are but that is not true. Millions of years ago the Ice Age shaped the country and the different regions are very special as to shape and nature. Therefore you have to decide in which region you prefer to spend your holiday.

It is good to know something about the possibilities as to what the different regions can offer you.

To the right you find a description of the different regions. We also give you 10 proposals as to activities in the region – and don’t forget, there are lots of other experiences waiting for you. We do hope that this information will make it easier for you to make the right decision as to your holiday.

Møns Klint in Denmark
roadside stand
Boy jumper in the sand at the beach in Denmark

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

A couple on a bikeride

Always close to the sea

Generally there are less than 50 km to the sea no matter where you are in Denmark so it is always possible to have a nice and refreshing swim in the sea. Denmark has a coast line of more than 7,300 km which means that Denmark is the country in Europe with the longest coast line. So you will always meet and see the coast and the sea which makes it an important part of your experiences in Denmark.

It also means that you will always be able to find a nice place at the beach even if the sun beats down on a warm summer day. You won’t find long rows of deck chairs, insistent sales persons, noise and beach cafés. Instead you will see very long sandy beaches and dunes where you and your family easily can find a nice place.

If you want to go swimming, you just go into the sea – Denmark has more than 250 beaches with the blue flag and this means that Denmark is one of the countries in Europe with the best beaches.

The nature and the cosy towns

The regions in Denmark also have this in common – small and cosy towns and the beautiful nature. The distances are short in Denmark and it is always possible to find a city nearby with good shopping facilities and various museum. You are also close to the woods, the meadows and the countryside with experiences in the nature and with the wildlife just nearby.

Experiences Denmark

There is always a DK-CAMP campsite nearby

And the best of all – you will always find a DK-CAMP campsite nearby. We have more than 200 campsites and there is normally less than 25 km between them.
Try and look at a map of Denmark, close your eyes and point – it is almost impossible to find a free spot.

We are looking forward to welcomming you and your family here in Denmark.

Wish you a really nice holiday!

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