Campsites in West Jutland

If you’re looking for a holiday in a wild outdoors of dunes, heathlands and wind-blown beaches under open sky, West Jutland is for you.

The coast is a dramatic landscape, shaped by The North Sea. However, it’s not far to the milder, hilly area around the Limfjord, dotted with small straits, bays and inlets.

Take a break from the wind at West Jutland’s beautiful inland areas, with large forest plantations and fields.

Campsites in West Jutland

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a family on their way from the beach

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Experience West Jutland

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Photo: Niclas Jessen

Go on a cabin holiday in West Jutland

Do you love wide beaches, waves and wind blowing through your hair at the coast? Or would you like to go on adventures in the wartime bunkers, dunes and moor landscape? There are lots of possibilities when it comes to attractions, beautiful nature or other types of activities in West Jutland.