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Camping in Denmark has everything that holiday is about: Here's room to spend time with the people you love. Time to take a deep breath. And freedom to enjoy life – your way.

DK-CAMP lets you choose from more than 200 unique campsites throughout Denmark and find exactly the campsite that meets your holiday dreams

We wish you a fantastic holiday!
Find the campsite that meets your holiday dreams.

How is your dream vacation?

We are proud to present you with more than 200 independent and unique campsites spread throughout Denmark, each offering a wealth of holiday opportunities.

Therefore DK-CAMP lets you not only choose where in Denmark you would like to go camping. You can also choose whether you're into grass between toes or prefer luxury and comfort. Whether you prefer experiences in the beautiful Danish countryside or staying close to one of Denmark's many exciting cities. Whether you dream of peace and quiet or prefer a holiday full of speed and action for the whole family.

The possibilities are plentiful and the choice is yours. For us, it's about giving room for you and your dreams.

Holiday inspiration

Camping in Denmark is many things. Find inspiration for your next camping holiday in Denmark.

camping in the winter

Pull the plug and take a break 

Enjoying a holiday in beautiful Denmark isn't limited to the summer season. For everyone can sometimes feel the need to escape from everyday life and take a break. Just a few days. Whether you have your own caravan or prefer to rent, there is always a wealth of opportunities to find the perfect camping break in Denmark.

Rent or vacation in your own caravan

DK-Stellplätze - a very good offer for Campervans

Whether it's just a few days away from everyday life, or if you're going on a longer road trip through Denmark, the possibilities are endless. At the DK-Camp campsites offering DK-Stellplätze, you can find a secure and flexible accommodation with access to the facilities that make your holiday pleasant, while allowing you to spend the night in some of Denmark's most beautiful natural surroundings.

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Experiences in lovely Denmark

Camping holidays in Denmark offer a wealth of opportunities to explore, discover and enjoy lovely Denmark.
Denmark not only offers an impressive and varied nature with beautiful coasts, rolling hills and shady forests. But also the Danish cities invite to cosiness and a rich range of experiences.