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DK-CAMP is Denmark’s biggest hub of campsites! Explore more than 200 different campsites located all around the country. Book your camping holiday directly by us.

Camping in Denmark offers everything you’ll need for a holiday. Spend time with the ones you care about. Unplug yourself from daily routines and enjoy camping life on your own terms. All campsites offers a wide variety of options, when it comes down to how you want to spend your holiday.

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Summer holiday in lovely Denmark

The summer holiday is a special moment for many people. Even the planning of the holiday is something you look forward to. The holiday, where the feeling of endless days merges with long daytime and late sunsets. It gives you the time to be with your children and loved ones and to explore camping in Denmark and explore the scenic Denmark together in the summer.

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Holiday inspiration

Camping in Denmark are many things. Find inspiration for your next camping holiday in Denmark.

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We are proud to offer you more than 200 independent and unique campsites throughout all of Denmark. Each campsites offers you a wide variety of opportunities for your holiday.

Besides from chosing the location you also have the posibilities to choose the level of comfort according to your preferences.
So whether you would like to explore the beautiful Danish countryside or one of the many exciting cities there will always be a campsite near you, with accommodations that suits your needs. It all depends on how you prefer to spend your holiday - do you want a low key vacation with your partner or a family holiday packed with a lot of activities and fun?

The possibilities are plentiful and the choice is yours. 

New feature

We’ve made the first online booking portal for campsites in Denmark. You can now book directly through our website.
The booking portal provides a list of prices, availability, cabins, glamping tents and so forth. Choose length of stay and holiday and book your next vacation now.

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Experiences in lovely Denmark

Camping holidays in Denmark offer a wide range of opportunities to explore, discover and enjoy lovely Denmark.
Denmark does not only offer an impressive and diverse nature with beautiful coasts, rolling hills and shady forrests. The Danish cities invites you to explore true Danish culture and history and a taste of the local cuisine.

Bring your own caravan or rent one

DK-Stellplätze - the obvious choice for campervans

Whether it's just a few days away from home, or you're going on a longer road trip through Denmark, you have unlimited possibilities.
At the DK-CAMP camp sites offering DK-Stellplätze, you can find a secure and flexible accommodation with access to the facilities that makes your holiday pleasant. Meanwhile you still get to spend the nights in some of Denmark's most beautiful natural surroundings.