Go on adventures in Denmark with your kids

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the globe in order to find adventures. Find inspiration for family friendly adventures in the Danish nature.

We have a couple of suggestions that are sure to bring out your inner “explorer” and create great experiences for your children, without even having to spend a penny. The adventures are right outside your doorstep or along your travel routes throughout the danish country.

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Let your imagination come to life.
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Mountain climbing on the Danish hilltops.

Denmark is overall pretty flat, but we do have some hills with decent altitude. Some hills require more than just regular equipment to climb. When your visit Yding Skovhøj in Jutland, Rytterknægten on the island of Bornholm, or the cliffs of Møn, it is a good idea to come prepared with a well equipped backpack, in order to ensure you have enough energy for the entire journey. Real mountain climbers don’t stop half way up. Remember binoculars so that you can enjoy the view from the top and have a glance of all the steps you just covered to get there. Don’t forget to bring a walking stick before the ascend. When you have reached the top, get a photo of the entire family as an eternal memory of your accomplishment.

Can you go desert wandering in Denmark?

Geologists might scratch their heads - no, there are no real deserts in Denmark. But there is something very similar. With sand as far as the eye can see, patterns in the surface from wind gusts, and grains of sand blowing across the landscape. You might even encounter a real snake.

The closest thing to a real desert in Denmark is Råbjerg Mile in North Jutland and Ørkenen on the island of Anholt. These places are great if you want to give your kids a sense of what a desert feels like, by climbing on the dunes and rolling around in these huge sandboxes. There are also other places like these in Denmark where it is possible to go desert wandering. Some of the Danish moors also have sand dunes in places like Vind Hede, Skovbjerg Bakkeø, and Randbøldal Hede. In the middle of nowhere lies huge dunes and sand hills, emerging from the surrounding flat barren landscape. A hike through the moors can easily turn into a quest in the search for these massive piles of sand, or a hunt for some of the landscape’s rare plants and insects - but don’t get too close to the venomous vipers that lurk in these areas.

Finally, we must not forget to mention the beautiful and impressive dunes that you can find all along the Danish coastline. Here, you are able to have a quick and simple stroll through the desert and the sand hills, as the sun shines down upon you. You can practice jumps, climbing skills or just roll down the hills until the exhaustion catches up with you. Dunes can also be great slides, for those who long for winter and snowy sledding hills.

And don't forget to bring a water bottle, no matter where in Denmark you take your kids on a desert wandering. This is very essential. Stay close, have an eye on each other and be on the lookout for any reptiles lurking in the sand.

Venture off into the Danish forests

In the past, Denmark was covered with trees and forests, and most of the wildlife that still exists in Denmark today, is in close relation with the woods. The best example of a primeval forest in Denmark is the circa 7.000 year old forest of Suserup Skov in Zealand. Since 1920, the forest hasn’t been maintained, so you will have to maneuver through the forest by climbing over fallen trees that are 400 years old, as well as twisting your way through branches and twigs.

There are several places like this in Denmark where nature is left untouched. Places where old trees fall down as they lose their strength and crumble to the ground, creating a scene of “tree ruins”.

It is easy to get caught up in the forest’s atmosphere, odors, sounds, and tiny biospheres.

Bring out the magnifying glass, mosquito net, and rubberboots. Crawl through the beautiful forests of Denmark and discover the wildlife and insects that hide under tree bark, branches, dugouts and roots.

Take the time to really notice all of the details. It is okay to get lost, just a little bit.

Treasure hunting in the Danish nature

Treasure hunting speaks to everyone, no matter of size or age. Alright, it is not often that gold gets dug up in Denmark. However, treasures can come in different forms - and even the smallest treasure can be full of magic and surprises.

You can find fossils that are millions of years old across all of Denmark. They give us a glimpse of the past, and they are unique valuable items that can be brought home as a memory from your vacation.

Go on the hunt for petrified sea urchins, marinelife, and other organisms. The most popular spots to search for fossils are Møns Klint, Faxe Kalkbrud, the island of Fur, and Gram Lergrav. But you can stumble across fossils in any part of the land and along the coastlines.

If you and your kids are more interested in sparkling treasure that resembles gold, head out to the coast after sunset, and bring an amber flashlight.

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