Quality assessment

Each year, consultants from Campingrådet (The Danish Camping Board) assess the quality of campsites based on the following four aspects:

buildings, grounds, facilities and fire training/first aid. The factors assessed for these three aspects include quality of maintenance, cleaning, choice of materials and good workmanship.

The quality of each campsite is assessed in relation to the quality of other campsites with the same star rating. In other words, the quality assessment of a 2-star campsite cannot be directly compared with the quality assessment of a 4-star campsite.

The size of the white sections shows what the campsite lacks in terms of quality with regard to buildings, grounds, facilities and Fire training/first aid– compared to the very best campsites with the same number of stars. If a campsite has achieved maximum quality for buildings, for example, there will be no white section above the blue bar.

Blue bar = Buildings
Green bar = Grounds
Red bar = Facilities
Yellov bar = Fire training/first aid