Don't want to compromise on the luxurious experience of your holiday while still dreaming of getting close to nature and down on the earth?

Then glamping may be the solution. It offers the luxury you can get from nice hotels – just transferred right into nature. In other words, glamping is a combination of glamour and camping, hence the name.

Glamping is for those who dream of a different holiday experience with a unique type of accommodation.

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Drinks in front of a glamping tent
Let's go glamping where the WiFi is weak!

The perfect mix of outdoor life and luxury

There are many types of glamping tents – from beautifully decorated Bedouin tents or tipis to large luxuriously furnished camping tents. But they all have in common the fact that you get the perfect mix of outdoor life and luxury in the form of warm duvets, plush beds and inviting verandas, where you can quietly enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets.

And of course, you don't have to set up the tent yourself. It's glamping after all, so no need to panic over the fight with tent poles and air pumps. You can fully relax.

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Rent a villa tent

You don’t need to own a tent to get close to nature and go camping. You can rent a tent that’s set up for you when you arrive.

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