Autumn holiday in Denmark

Are you on the lookout for a place to catch up on some much needed family time during the autumn holiday? Get inspired for your autumn holiday in Denmark.

Camping provides the perfect surroundings for a break in the autumn, far away from everyday life. It makes you unwind and brings families closer together. Your chores and duties stay at home, so that you have more time to spend with your family, while discovering new experiences on, and around the camping site. That is why a lot of people associate camping with freedom. Freedom to do the things that makes you happy and gets you prepared for the incoming winter season.

Camping in the autumn holiday brings you closer to some of the most scenic phenomena that occur in Danish nature. “Sort sol” (Birds flocking the skies until the sun is blocked out and the skies turn black) and swan migration. Deers roaring and leaves falling. Many of the campsites are located close to some of Denmark's most beautiful nature, which means that you will have excellent access to activities, such as a stroll through the woods where the leaves change colors and mushrooms sprout. Or strolls along the seaside, where stones, shells and waves get you closer in touch with nature. When you are finished taking a breath of fresh air and the sun has set, get comfortable in your cabin or caravan by sipping on a cup of hot cocoa while playing board games. Camping makes it easy to fill out your vacation with great experiences and memories, without having to spend a fortune, while still having time to relax and mellow out.

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Get down to earth in the Danish nature

A lot of DK-CAMPs 200+ campsites are situated right in the beautiful Danish nature, with either beaches, forests, lakes or other magnificent terrain, just within your reach.

So when you are done enjoying breakfast at the campsite, you will have plenty of opportunities to go out and discover some of the hidden treasures that the Danish nature offers.

Denmark is full of adventures and contrasts. From wide beach shores in North Jutland, to the marshes in South Jutland, the hills of Funen and the coastal stretches of North Zealand. There are plenty of options. The diversity of nature is striking and impressive during all four seasons of the year.

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Then find and book your camping holiday directly through DK-CAMP. We offer accommodation at more than 200 different campsites in Denmark, with a total capacity of 40.000 spots. Use the filters in our search engine to find a campsite for your next holiday.

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Enjoy the autumn with a cabin holiday

Autumn is the perfect season for a cozy cabin holiday. Get a view of cabin holidays at Denmark's largest booking portal for camping.

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Go on adventures in Denmark with your kids

Desert wandering, mountain climbing and treasure hunting in Denmark? Absolutely! Find inspiration for family adventures during your camping vacation.