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In North Jutland you are always close to the sea, beach or fjord. Here is high to the sky and space to enjoy life. Experience the area's distinctive nature and many attractions.

The top of Denmark is an island, split from mainland Jutland by the enormous Limfjord. In Skagen, to the north, it juts dramatically out into sea on all sides. Here you’ll find a very special light and more hours of sunshine than the rest of Denmark.

Beautiful nature

The landscape is beautiful but harsh, with endless white beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, heathland and forests. Witness the bizarre sight of trees bending east from the sheer force of the prevailing wind or take a break from the wind around the sheltered straits, inlets and bays of the Limfjord.
The west coast is home to some of the country’s most spectacular sandy beaches, as well as hinterlands filled with dunes, heaths, and plantations. In contrast, peaceful, narrow beaches and lovely beach meadows set the east coast apart. The Limfjord contains small, quaint islands, numerous bays and coves, and vast swathes of beach meadows. Whilst the Limfjord might not be ideal for swimming, it is simply perfect for beautiful hikes and bird watching.

To the north and west, Northern Jutland is characterised by wideopen spaces, however, between Hirtshals and Dronninglund, the country is rather hilly, peaking at Knøsen at 135 meters above sea level. Wide valleys, 30-50 meters deep, traverse the Himmerland landscape. The natural beauty of Livø, Rold Skov, Lille Vildmose, and Mariager Fjord makes them some of the most stunning parts of Denmark.

From the very top of Jutland (the Grenen sand bar at Skagen), you can witness the unique display of migrating birds in the spring months. In the large Thy nature reserve, Vejlerne, you can find wading birds, ducks and geese, while the vast Rold Skov in Himmerland is home to a large population of various birds of prey, as well as owls. Northern Jutland’s heaths and bogs are an Eldorado for berry pickers as lingonberries, blueberries, bilberries, and cranberries are all native to this area.

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Family on the beach

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Boat in Løkken
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Get close to nature


Traces of Northern Jutland’s Viking history are to be found throughout the area. Near Nørresundby, you can find Lindholm Høje, the largest Viking burial ground with more than 700 graves from the Iron Age and Viking Age. Aggersborg, along the Limfjord, is Scandinavia’s largest Viking castle, and at the Viking castle of Fyrkat, near Hobro, you can taste Viking food and try your hand at shooting a Viking bow and arrow.


Several of the manors and convents of Northern Jutland are worth a visit, and not just on a rainy day. Bangsbo Herregård has a large collection of jewelry made of human hair, while Børglum Kloster boasts a unique collection of toys. At Hessel Herregård, you can experience a traditional horse fair just like the ones held in the olden days, while Odden Herregård and Sæbygård double as art museums.

Skagen, Sæby, Nibe, and Mariager are amongst the region’s many picturesque market towns with their old houses and winding streets. Together with the House of Music and the Utzon Centre, Aalborg’s fantastic house of culture, Nordkraft, has helped to beautify the port area. Læsø must also be mentioned among Northern Jutland’s attractions with its iconic red tower built by the old bike dealer, Thorvald Hansen. Also worth a visit are the sea salt cottage and the brown beers.

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Top 10 Activities in North Jutland

  1. Horse riding along Denmark’s longest riding trail in Northern Vendsyssel
  2. Family friendly canoeing in Uggerby Å
  3. Seaside vacationing at Jammerbugten, Skallerup Klit, Løkken, or Blokhus
  4. Touring from Fredrikshavn to Hirsholmene by post boat
  5. Windsurfing and kitesurfing at Klitmøller – also known as ‘Cold Hawaii’
  6. Hiking on Redningsstien path through Thy National Park
  7. Solving a murder mystery at the adventure castle Højriis on Mors Island
  8. Kayaking in the Limfjord near Salling and Fur
  9. Hiking and seal watching on Livø in the Limfjord
  10. Biking on the kid friendly Hadsund path from Hadsund to Aalborg

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