What is there at a site?

As the name implies each campsite has ties to a larger city or town which is less than 10 km away.

As a camper at these sites you can experience city life with its range of public transport, swimming pools, restaurants/cafés, cinemas/theatres, museums and exhibition centres together with a wide range of shops.

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Close to where things happens

The City Camps are all situated in or close to a city with activities and fine shopping possibilities. At a City Camp site you are close to the city with all its range of possibilities and at the same time just in the middle of the nature and the freedom. You can walk or take the bike to the town centre with the fascinating restaurants and cafés.

City Camp means that you are close to public transport, close to swimming pools or water parks, close to cinemas and theatres, close to museums and exhibition centres. Close to where things happen.