At the majority of campsites you can very easily rent comfortable cottages, which are ready when you arrive at the site.

Always remember to enquire about the cottages facilities and number of sleeping places; this is important in order to ensure that the holiday meets your expectations.

Rental prices vary widely depending on the category of accommodation and when in the season the holiday is. Outside of the high season it is often possible to rent cottages for a more reasonable price, making it a good way to see every corner of Denmark.

In the high season you must make a reservation in advance, especially in the summer holidays when it is increasingly popular to rent cottages.

You must be aware that in the high season the cottages are primarily rented out from Saturday to Saturday, but often you can also rent them out for a couple of days at a time.
Ask the campsite whether you must bring bedding and bed linen with you. At many campsites you can rent bedding and bed linen for a fee.

There is a set standard for cottages: the cottages are divided into 5 categories of which category 5 is the best.