Who is DK-CAMP?

DK-CAMP is a business of 300 campsites that all have personal service at their heart and which are situated in scenic areas. However, the campsites are very different in relation to size, range of facilities and activities.

Within the campsites you can find information on the exact campsite you would like to visit.
  • City Camp is a subsidiary of DK-CAMP with 23 members
  • Elite Camp is a subsidiary of DK-CAMP with 10 members
  • Small Sites/Små Pladser is a subsidiary of DK-CAMP with 31 members
  • Approximately 130 DK-CAMP sites have winter camping
  • Approximately 150 DK-CAMP sites have a QuickStop scheme for motor homes
DK-CAMP’s aim is to ensure that the campers have good experiences when they are on a camping holiday, and we therefore give comprehensive information about the sites here on the homepage, and in the brochures and magazines which DK-CAMP publishes.

At the same time we are actively working at improving the sites standards, service and conditions; in conjunction with The Danish Camping Board, The Danish Outdoor Council and EFCO (the European Federation of Campingsite Organisations).